Darkness to Light - The Music of Jeffrey Jacob (2014)

Composer and pianist Jeffrey Jacob is currently Artist-in-Residence at Saint Marys College in Notre Dame, IN. "Occasionally, moments of happiness and comfort can rise from experiences of anxiety and doubt, during which we learn about ourselves and our limits." Jacob depicts the experiences of struggle and pain, and of triumph and joy on his debut Navona Records release DARKNESS TO LIGHT.

Scott Pender: 88+12 (2014)

With a distinctly contemporary compositional signature that draws on minimalism and popular music of the late 20th century, and also recalls the 19th-century Romantic tradition, composer and pianist Scott Pender explores the expressive natures of four instruments - piano, violin, viola, and cello - on his debut solo release on Navona Records, 88 + 12..

Sarah Wallin Huff: Soul of the Machine (2014)

According to the Editorial Reviews, "Wallin Huffs string quartet Anima Mechanicae: Soul of the Machine is a reimagining of minimalist techniques, in the style of Philip Glass, and uses mathematical ratios to determine rhythmic and tonal patterns, setting a science fiction tale of a computer that is given the chance to experience human emotions.

Sergio Cervetti: Unbridled - Chamber Works (2014)

Spanning over forty years of his career, the works represent Cervettis continued aesthetic of combining traditional and postmodern techniques and instrumentation. The title track is a response to the crisis of the American financial institutions of the last few years. Born in Uruguay,Cervetti moved to the United States in 1962 and quickly gained international recognition as a composer, winning the chamber music prize at the Caracas, Venezuela Music Festival in 1966.

Allusions (2013)

ALLUSIONS, an album of evocative chamber works, showcases the expressive and interpretive abilities of contemporary composition and features works by Christopher Dietz, Kjell Magne Andersen, Sarah Wallin Huff, Timothy Edwards, and Vera Ivanova.

Perceptions: Points of view for small ensemble (2013)

Perceptions, with concept of “dialogue between composer and listener that holds a personal perception,” is praised by Daniel Coombs from the Audiophile Audition:“The performances here are all very fine indeed.” Coombs was “especially taken with the contrast between the simple beauty of the third movement, Daisy’s Aria and the urgent finale, Grind” by his personal favorite, Rotolo’s String Quartet “Macchiato,” played by the New England String Quartet.

Quadrants: Modern String Quartets (2012)

Quadrants, according to the American Record Guide, is "another program of new string quartets, mixes traditional forms and figures with brief glimpses of modernity." The Gapplegate Classical describes "The recorded sound is lively, the performances exacting and expressive and the whole package (is) something a lover of modern chamber works will most certainly appreciate", while Lucid Cultures suggests "For fans of the string quartet repertoire, the new Quadrants modern string quartet collection is heaven.